About Us

The Who, What, Where, When & Why...

Who, What

My name is Craig Cacchioli. I’m a photographer. I create portraits on location which includes outdoor locations or at the client’s premises. I work with individuals, families, professionals and small businesses.

My work with families centres around creating real family moments and emotions whilst my work with businesses revolves around creating portraits that convey personality to allow businesses to connect better with their clients.

Where, When

A lot of my work is on location. Often the location connects the the person to their environment and shows an aspect of their personality. Portraits outdoors present their numerous challenges, but in most cases it simply helps to define a moment in time.


Portraits are the singular most important photographs that you will have taken in your lifetime. Life is a very precious thing that time changes so fast. I know how very important it can be to have that memory or moment captured. You don’t always know how long you will have it so you have to grab that opportunity now.

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